5 Tree Removal Cost Factors To Budget For Tree Service Professionals

Most homeowners may never even think about tree removal cost until there is a storm or a tree falls creating an emergency.

Having an idea to include the actual costs for tree removal into your home maintenance budget can help you save for the expense.

How Much Does It Cost To Remove A Tree?

Depending on the location and type of tree being cut down a homeowner can expect to pay an arborist between $300 and $2,500.

This tree removal cost range can of course vary depending on the size, height, location access and health or damage to the tree.

Average Tree Removal Cost Near Me

Knowing what you can expect to pay for tree removal services is critical as you budget – home maintenance fund or emergency savings.

Tree removal and tree service companies often charge based on the number of trees to be removed and the height of the trees. However, be aware that there are many variables in addition to the height of the tree. The risk involved to remove the tree safely and the tree's health can determine the actual cost.

Tree Removal Cost Pricing Factors

Removal prices will depend on several factors, which may make the job more complicated or risky or require more machinery. It’s best to do your own research to find an accurate cost estimate. You can also save money by shopping around. Have a few local tree removal or landscaping companies provide quotes to compare prices.

Along with the company you choose to work with, the following factors will also affect the price.

Size Of The Tree

Not surprisingly, the diameter of the tree and total number of trees removed can impact the total tree removal cost. Larger, thicker trees take more effort and time to cut through. The bigger they are, the harder they are to make fall. Size can definitely be a factor in the total tree removal cost. 

Height Of The Tree

The height of the tree being removed can also increase the price. Here are the average price ranges for each height consideration.

  • Small tree (under 30 feet): $200 – $500
  • Medium tree (30 – 60 feet): $420 – $1,200
  • Tall tree (over 60 feet): $800 – $1,500

If a tree is over 80 feet, it may cost even more – typically up to $2,000.

Especially tall trees can require using a crane. Should a crane be required to remove a tree you can expect an additional expense. Crane charges can be between $250 – $600 depending on the hours needed and number of tall trees to be removed.

Location Of The Tree

The physical location of the tree on the homeowner’s property and the accessibility can affect the cost of tree removal. Is the tree close to power lines, your home or your neighbors home and or other obstacles? These are a few scenarios when removing a tree is more dangerous and can require more time to safely fall and remove the tree.

Health Of The Tree

Whether the tree is healthy or diseased it can impact the cost. A rotten or dying tree could be less expensive to remove than a healthy one as it may have already fallen due to rot. Or if the tree is leaning or there are other problems with its health and overall integrity, it may be more expensive. The more risky a tree is to remove requires more planning and safety measures put in place to safely remove it.

Job Timeline

An emergency to remove a fallen tree an increase the tree removal cost more due to the urgency and availability of tree service companies. 

Additional Tree Removal Services

Removing a tree can have some additional costs that surprise you. Services such as stump removal, debris cleanup and tree trimming all require special equipment and more time. As such, the additional services can be an additional charge

Tree Stump Removal Or Grinding

The average cost to have a licensed professional dig up a tree stump is between $200 – $500.

Another option is to have the stump ground down, which can cost $200 – $400, on average. Stump grinding requires a special machine with a rotating blade that can grind the stump and some of its roots into small pieces. When finished the stump will be gone and a smooth flat area where the stump was is all that is left behind.

Debris Cleanup

Most tree service companies clean up after tree removal and tree trimming. If you are cleaning up fallen debris from a storm you can either do the cleanup yourself or hire a tree service company. The benefit of hiring professionals is they have the heavy equipment to chip and haul away the debris. Costs can range between $350 – $500, depending on the amount of debris.

Tree Trimming

Most tree removal companies offer tree climbing and trimming services to care for the other trees on your property at the same time. You can expect to pay between $400 - $700 on average per tree, for professional tree trimming, depending on the size and number of trees.

Fallen Tree Removal

If you have a large tree that has fallen due to a storm, you’ll likely need a professional to remove it from your property. In many cases, the cost of removing a fallen tree will be significantly less, but it will depend on the tree’s location and accessibility.

Why Hire A Professional Tree Service Company?

While some homeowners may choose to remove a tree on their own, there are many benefits to hiring a local tree service company. The most important benefit is safety. Tree removal requires using hazardous and sharp power tools, lifting heavy objects and climbing trees. Licensed and trained professionals know how to use the heavy equipment safely. They will also know how to prepare the tree for safe removal, based on its size, location and health.

An added benefit of hiring a professional is that, when done the right way, the tree removal could even help increase your home value.

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