When The Time Comes To Remove A Tree

Is Now The Time To Remove A Tree

Sometimes the thought of when to remove a tree can just feel overwhelming. Gardens, backyards or green spaces that surround us become our sanctuaries; they are the places that give life to our environment or simply return us to memorable moments of our childhood. Each tree, plant and flower are part of an ecosystem, however as the years and time pass, some may begin to lose their shape, become unhealthy and even die, potentially becoming a great risk to our property and even our families.

It’s important to remember that dead or dying trees or branches can fall at any moment, not just during severe weather and storms. Tree removal can be a dangerous task that should not be attempted by a homeowner. If you are wondering if a tree on your property is in need of removal, you first need to identify if the tree is sick, overgrown or damaged. One way to safely and accurately do this is to call in the experts at Oaks Corp Tree Care who are able to remove a tree in the safest and most effective way.

To know when it is time to call in the professionals to remove a tree, you have to pay attention to the following symptoms:

-Cavities anywhere on the tree, but especially on the trunk:

This could be a result of tree´s structure damage due to the fact that a large gap is present, allowing outside forces such as unwanted air or insects to get inside, creating an open window for infections. Don´t forget to pay attention to any spaces between the tree and the ground. Cavities can help determine if it is time to remove a tree.

-Mushrooms or fungi growing on or around your trees: 

Fungi can compromise a tree´s structure by making it sick. Remove a tree when the tree isn't healthy, it is not possible to absorb the necessary nutrients in order to survive.

-Dead branches:

If your tree has dead branches, they will need to be removed to prevent damage that could happen to a structure or even worse a person if they were to fall. In addition to causing damage, dead branches also allow decay to enter formerly healthy portions of the tree. Dead branches can be an indicator of it being the right time to remove a tree.

Peeling bark and cracks in the trunk:

Peeling or cracking on the tree´s surface means that the tree is getting old and is no longer able to receive all the necessary nutrients. It could have cracks in the main trunk or leaders.  Bark is the living, protective layer around the tree, so if it is damaged, the exposed wood becomes vulnerable to insect infestation.

If it is dramatically leaning or growing in a strange direction:

Take notice of any general changes in the size and shape of the crown, the twig growth in the spring, even the size and the color of the leaves, which can tell you something about the health condition of your trees.

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Sometimes, the trees may be growing with some inclination towards areas such as your house, the porch, or perhaps a window or the place where your children play. All leaning trees aren’t necessarily dangerous, but a tree that suddenly leans to one side may have structural problems. Also, keep in mind that large trees should be at least 20 feet away from a house or building.

You should remember that roots support the weight of a tree and also deliver vital nutrients, so when they become compromised, a tree is more likely to fall. Knowing whether or not a tree needs to be removed can be easily determined by experts, like the team members at Oaks Corp Tree Care. Our professionals can correctly observe each of the symptoms that could be causing the deterioration of a tree and they have the expertise on tree removal that is done in a safe and effective manner. When looking for tree experts near me or tree services in Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater, Shelton, Centralia or Chehalis and the surrounding communities learn more about our company or get a quote by calling 360-508-9298

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