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Tree service, tree removal, tree trimming, big tree removal, crane tree removal, view clearing, land and lot clearing, stump removal and more.

Oaks Corp Tree Care has been providing tree service and excavating right here in Washington State for decades. The reliable professionals at Oaks Corp Tree Care can be trusted to reliably show up as scheduled and complete the job with the highest quality workmanship all while leaving your property better and safer than it was before.
We proudly serve the cities and towns around Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater, Centralia, Chehalis, Castle Rock, Yelm and the surrounding areas.

Olympia Tree Removal, Tree Cutting, Tree Trimming, Lacey Tree, Tumwater Tree Service

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Working with trees and chainsaws many feet in the air is dangerous! Knowing how to use the right equipment safely is what keeps our people and the job site safe.

Licensed & Insured

Tree services and excavation require heavy equipment, chippers, cranes, rigging experience and chainsaws. We are licensed bonded and insured.

Safety First & Accident Free

We are a family owned and operated company. All our tree cutting professionals are clean, nice people who maintain a safe work environment.

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Tree Service, Tree Trimming, Tree Pruning, Tree Removal, Oaks Tree Care


Tree removal in Washington State in and around Olympia, WA is one of our most common requests. As a home owner you may have a large tree or a number of hazardous trees that could become a liability or a hazard on your property. The tree may have already died or it might be leaning dangerously, creating a hazard to your property and neighbors. In some cases, a tree has grown so large that it is no longer aesthetically pleasing for the home or property. Whatever your situation, when searching for the best tree removal near me our team can care for your tree cutting services safely and professionally.


Tree trimming and pruning is not just for small decorative trees, large trees require trimming as well. Pruning is required to maintain the health of the tree. Pruning can also dramatically improve the appearance of the tree. Having years of experience our tree professionals know just how much or how little to prune. In many cases the branches that need attention are at a high altitude which can require a professional tree climber. When tree growth interferes from what was a beautiful view, tree trimming can often bring back that scenic view. If you are searching for 'local tree trimming near me' we can handle this job from start to finish.


Excavation lot prep or land clearing could be required if you are considering building. A wooded lot or a plot or property that is currently populated by trees, can safely be scheduled for lot clearingWe can clear your lot or property of trees and do the site work and excavation required so that you can begin building.


After a storm has passed multiple trees can fall or drop large branches and debris. Whether your property has fallen trees, is endangered by debris or is just a terrible mess. Schedule the Oaks Corp Tree Care professionals. We can do your tree and debris and storm cleanups safely without causing more damage. For the best local tree professionals in Tenino, Castle Rock, Chehalis, Centralia, Lacey, Tumwater and Olympia, WA schedule Oaks Corp Tree Care.


Sometimes brush can just grow in the wrong direction! Sometimes the plant, tree or bush has maybe just grown to a size that is bigger than what you want. When growth impedes what was previously a nice view schedule the brush trimming experts to professionally come and bring back that beautiful view. Our teams serve the communities along the Puget Sound in Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater, Yelm, Centralia, Chehalis, and Castle Rock helping improve your views!


After a tree removal the stump remaining can be unsightly. Nobody wants to look at the remaining tree stump! In the case of big trees, what is left can be a substantial tree stump that is left behind. Stumps can certainly detract from the overall aesthetic of an otherwise beautiful landscape.

We are professionals at stump grinding and stump removal. Oaks Corp Tree Service owns and operates the right equipment to make your stump disappear. Using a special stump grinding machine we can grind that stump down to just below ground level. All you do next is lay a few rolls of sod, and nobody would know there was a tree there.

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Tree Care

Having grown up here in the Pacific Northwest we have a genuine love for the outdoors. This place called Tenino, WA is where we have chosen to raise our family and set up as our home base to serve our customers. We take pride in providing tree service, tree trimming, tree removal and land excavation services the safe and right way. Providing a valuable service makes us happy and gives our customers a great deal of satisfaction improving and keeping  their property safe.

Tree Service, Tree Care, Tree Limbing, Tree Removal, Tree Climbers, Tree Professionals


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It's the people at Oaks Corp that put us a cut above our competition. Clean, friendly, knowledgeable tree and excavation professionals. After your first conversation with us you will know your project and property are in good hands. If you want straightforward insight and scheduling for your tree care or land clearing needs give Oaks Corp Tree Care a call or request an estimate today! For more tree care resources check out the International Society of Arboriculture.